Reading Order

Each story in the Elemental Web can be read as a stand alone. There are no cliffhangers, though they are all interconnected.

Not good enough? 

The Elemental Web Chronicles are longer stories (Books 1-4). Books 1 & 2 involve two sisters… but they don’t appear much, if at all, in each other’s stories. Book 3 remains within the same world, but moves north to Scotland. Book 4 brings a character from book 3 to London and characters from book 1 make a reappearance and events in the Elemental Steampunk Tales are referenced. 

Three independent, yet still connected Elemental Web Stories (The Tin Rose, Kraken and Canals, Rust and Steam) concern characters associated with these longer stories. Characters are sometimes referenced but, with a tiny exception, do not reappear.

A Trace of Copper, In Pursuit of DragonsA Reflection of ShadowsA Snowflake at Midnight, A Ghost in Amber, A Whisper of Bone, and Flight of the Scarab are also set in the same world and are loosely connected. These somewhat shorter books are the Elemental Web Tales.

Publication Order

  1. The Golden Spider
  2. The Silver Skull
  3. A Trace of Copper
  4. The Tin Rose
  5. Kraken and Canals
  6. The Iron Fin
  7. In Pursuit of Dragons
  8. Rust and Steam
  9. A Reflection of Shadows
  10. A Snowflake at Midnight
  11. Venomous Secrets
  12. A Ghost in Amber
  13. A Whisper of Bone
  14. Flight of the Scarab




The Golden Spider (October 1884)

The Silver Skull (January 1885)

The Iron Fin (January-April 1885)

Venomous Secrets (May 1885)


A Trace of Copper (April 1885)

In Pursuit of Dragons (March 1884)

A Reflection of Shadows (February 1885)

A Snowflake at Midnight (December 1884)

A Ghost in Amber (October 1885)

A Whisper of Bone (June 1885)

Flight of the Scarab (June 1885)


The Tin Rose (September 1884)

Kraken and Canals (May 1884)

Rust and Steam (August 1884)